Technology changes the world!  Innovation creates the future!

Technology changes the world! Innovation creates the future!

Welcome to the digital asset inclusive financial service platform – VSTMEX.

I believe that everyone who comes to VSTMEX with dreams and curiosity, or is looking for an opportunity to change his destiny.
There were many such opportunities and cases in history.

In the 16th century, the world’s first stock exchange was established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
At that time, the main force involved in the investment was physical workers. They were trendsetters! Pioneers! They were the first group of movers who stepped into the evolution and growth of the financial market and achieved financial freedom.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the birth of the Internet and the Mobile Internet had enabled the new trendsetters to stand on the world stage to become movers and shakers.

By 2010, the emerging of digital asset has offered such an opportunity for our generation. This will be one of the few ways or opportunities for general public to participate in this process of wealth transfer in the human civilization history.

Digital asset is the ticket to the future.

Just few years ago, a tech geek exchanged his 20,000 Bitcoins for a pizza, which means the pizza is worth over 800 million US Dollars now, and it had become one of the most expensive commodity in the human history.

And this could prove the value of Bitcoin as a digital asset.
Digital assets represented by Bitcoin are crowding out gold and become a diversified choice in the investment portfolios, which are favored and bought by the global investors.
And the favor of the mainstream institutional investors for the derivatives market further drive the market to grow substantially.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment and inflation expectations continue to rise. For general public, the depreciation rate of their accumulated assets is accelerating, and the future income expectations are lower. Therefore, new means of getting rich are urgently needed.
Over a hundred years’ traditional financial derivatives market is very formal and mature.
On the other hand, Coinbase being the first Crypto Asset Exchange listed on the “traditional” capital market. Their net profit in 2021 was over $4 billion.

In 2021, the market size of digital asset’s derivatives, like options and futures contracts, grew rapidly, and the annual market volume was exceed US$20 trillion. Meanwhile, the peak value of derivatives contracts in the whole market exceeded US$100 billion, and the futures contracts trading volume also greatly exceeded the spot trading.
In the near future, digital asset investment will be the choice for a billion of people around the world, and hence, the market value will be at least ten times or even 100 times that of today.

With the global application of the digital asset, people’s investment awareness and needs are becoming stronger and stronger.
In the investment trading market, ordinary people’s investment transactions are normally lack of accuracy and scientificity.
And the new investors are lack of professional investment guidance and direction. Investment deviations caused by various factors such as greed, fear and luck often lead to the huge losses of the investors.

The exchange is a key link in digital asset investment. It connects the primary and secondary markets of the digital assets, almost becoming the only bridge between users and digital asset investment. It holds the absolute discourse power in the blockchain industry, and even the lifeblood of the global blockchain industry.

Unfortunately, most traditional exchanges are unfriendly to ordinary investors, such as high thresholds and black-box operations. In order to promote the global digital asset market to a healthy development, the market urgently needs a compliant, inclusive, user-friendly, reliable and trustworthy trading environment to respond to the upgrading and iteration of the blockchain industry and prompt the global digital asset industry to a virtuous cycle of competitive landscape.

VSTMEX therefore comes into the being.
To improve the current trigger point in the blockchain industry, to popularize the benefits of the digital era to everyone, VSTMEX inclusive digital asset trading platform is born with the trend. VSTMEX brings hundreds of millions of investors around the world an opportunity to earn their first Bitcoin for free, through the knowledge of digital asset investment and trading techniques provided by the platform .
VSTMEX is the world’s leading digital asset exchange jointly initiated by top investment banks like Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley.
VSTMEX owns the financial licenses from The United States, Canada, Australia and European Union;
Supporting by the global famous universities like Cambridge University, London Exchange Institute and Stanford University;
With service offices and institutions found in 26 countries around the world.

VSTMEX Mission:
Let everyone in the world have their own BTC for free.

By completing the tasks and learning of the VSTMEX platform, let more people understand, learn and popularize participation in digital asset trading and allow users to earn more BTC without investment.

Turn working and learning into earnings and benefit users.
Let social traffic and contents generate values and give back to users.
Convert capital and technology into tools and bring real services to users.

Business Philosophy:
Inject user traffic into the VSTMEX inclusive digital asset trading platform by open interactive and social learning.
Get rewards by completing learning tasks and earn Bitcoins on the platform.
Create an profitable environment with more comprehensive, higher-quality and lower-threshold for the start-ups by user traffic and system construction.
Let users become KOLs, KOCs and SoCs by learning, output influence and servicing new customers to earn their first BTC.

Someone might not know their positioning. Someone might find it very difficult. Should I tell you who are suitable for joining VSTMEX?

  1. People who love learning
  2. Blockchain enthusiasts
  3. Blockchain evangelists
  4. People with fans and celebrity effect
  5. People interested in digital assets and financial investments
  6. People want an investment circle
  7. Self-motivated people

Only 10 minutes a day, you can earn minimal $10 and up to tens of thousands mission rewards. But how?

First of all, VSTMEX brings you endless Mission Fund through daily tasks. You may go to the Mission Fund Trading Section to practice the trading methods and strategies taught by hundreds of top traders.
If you were a good learner, you might choose to increase leverage to gain greater profits. There’s 1-100 times leverage can be selected in VSTMEX contract section.
If trading losses incurred, then go to complete the daily tasks and gain the mission rewards until you learn trading techniques and strategies and make money.
So, every user in the world can earn his own BTC for free at VSTMEX.
You should invite your friends to join together if you earned and withdrew the money from VSTMEX. It’s the leading business model in Europe, Asia markets and even around the world. VSTMEX shares the profits with every player and contributor on the platform. Therefore, every talented and dreamy person can realize their ideals and aspirations at VSTMEX.

Here’s the best opportunity now!
In the short time, VSTMEX will achieve the number of active users exceeding one million, over 100 global communities, and help 100,000 people get the financial freedom through their efforts.
By the trend of blockchain technology and digital assets era, VSTMEX will become a world-class giant, and pave the road to financial freedom for everyone.

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VSTMEX Inclusive rewarding system

The status of traditional finance is challenged by cryptocurrency industry in many countries and regions.   Amongst the variety of trading platforms after nearly a decade